Anytime Fruit Salad

Happy Fourth of July week! This is my go-to, easy to use what you have around, any-time fruit salad! It’s fresh, light and sweet and can be served with any meal, any occasion, any season. Personally, it reminds me of long Spanish lunches with my husband’s family in Madrid, where dessert is always fresh fruit brought whole to the table. 

The Perfect BLT

Today we talk food. Recipes are an inspired journey, a bit like traveling abroad. I always start with the best ingredients based on what’s in season and make inspired changes as I go. I rarely follow a recipe step-by-step and as you’ll see, the way I share food with you is anything but rigid.

Vert Beginnings

Guest post by Kelly Kyle.
Vert Kitchen opened in 2008 with the plan of being the best sandwich shop in town. I was a loyal customer back then. My friends and I would frequent Vert as much as possible, huddled at a tiny table sharing bites and flavors. My senses were abuzz.

Celebrating 10 Years!

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my blog! I hope you find this an inspiring place to learn about my life, my company and all things food, travel and entertaining. Since I’ll be your guide, allow me to introduce myself…