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Handcrafted Espresso

Handcrafted Espresso


Along with our restaurant, we opened up our coffee shop next door in 2015. It was created as an extension of Vert, serving up quality teas, coffees, and cocktails, along with our house-made pastries and of course, our grab-and-go line of food.

While dreaming up the coffee shop, we drew inspiration from the cozy cafes that are sprinkled throughout Portland. They are truly unique spaces that feel inviting, homey, and always buzzing with people sipping on the highest quality espresso. In Portland, their espresso is serious business.

At our coffee shop, we also have a big commitment to the highest quality espresso we can find, while also supporting local businesses. We currently use Huckleberry Roasters, who are committed to not only high-quality espresso, but also building a sustainable business that prioritizes working with smallholder farms and coffee co-ops.

Fall is always that time when I start to get back into espresso drinks which allows me to warm up with a nice caffeine boost to get through the cold afternoons in Denver. One of my favorite drinks recently has been an oat milk latte with our Harvest Spice Syrup.

Harvest Spice Latte

One of our most popular fall staples is our house-made Harvest Spice Syrup. Made with organic cane sugar infused with fresh whole spices that are slowly simmered for hours, it is truly a treat. The taste of all spice, cinnamon, star anise, clove, sumac, and ginger can spice up any coffee or tea. It truly feels like a fall and winter staple that our customers go crazy over. Enjoy it with some of our organic milk to make a creamier texture that you’ll love!

We hope you stop by soon and see us on a chilly morning! We’ll be sure to whip up some delicious warm espresso for you, and maybe even throw in the Harvest Spice Syrup.

Merci beaucoup!
Noah Stephens


Q&A with Noah

Favorite espresso or tea beverage?
Cortado. This is a staple in any Spanish coffee bar, an espresso with just a little bit of steamed milk. Try it at Overt with Oat Milk. 

Favorite coffee shop abroad?
The Coffee Collective based in Copenhagen.

Visit us at Vert Kitchen in Denver, CO or pick up Overt by Vert Kitchen Grab & Go at a Natural Grocers near you!

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