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Kid's Welcome!

Kid's Welcome!


Guest Post by Addie Stofer

Hello there, fellow Vert lovers! 

I’m Noah’s sister and a stay at home mom of two boys ages 6 and 9. From a young age, I told my boys I would never give them something that doesn’t taste good to eat. If you've been a frequent reader on Noah's blog you know a bit about how we grew up - fresh, seasonal ingredients were always on the table which meant we were exposed to a wide variety of food growing up. I've tried to do the same for my boys. 

As a busy mom I know it can be hard to get kids to try new things. In our house, whether they eat it or not, we count it a success because they're seeing and smelling new foods and flavors and learning about the world around them.  Today, their two favorites places for lunch are Vert Kitchen and Sushi Den. So it appears that exposing them to global flavors when they were younger has paid off! Plus, how can any child resist a kid's menu like Vert's?

Ten years ago when Noah opened Vert Kitchen in our Wash Park neighborhood, I knew we were really lucky! To have a neighborhood restaurant that cares so deeply about quality ingredients and flavor and wants to share global food adventures with it's customers is not easy to find.

Over the years the boys have gone from eating off the Kid's Menu (featuring the cutest PB&J and Turkey & Cheese Sandwich) to ordering off the Seasonal Menu. Their current favorite is the classic Vert combination of Roasted Tomato Soup & BLT featuring bibb lettuce, cast iron bacon, mozzarella and roasted tomatoes. Mine is the Roasted Tomato Soup & House Roast Turkey Sandwich featuring balsamic fig jam, goat cheese, mixed greens and tomato. When I take my kids to Vert I know they're not getting a typical sandwich. Everything on the menu is a reflection of Noah's travels and passion for quality food and flavor. 

Since the coffee shop opened, it's become my favorite spot to get a daily almond milk cappuccino and a few Overt Grab & Go items to ease our hectic mornings, getting the boys off to school with a healthy snack and lunch (and keeping myself fed too!).

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Being a mom and raising healthy eaters is no small task but having a neighborhood restaurant like Vert provides a easy response to the constant 'I'm hungry!'  I know everyone will be happy when I say we're going for lunch on the weekend or picking it up for a quick and yummy dinner during the week.  

One thing is for sure, Noah and his team cook up outstanding food for everyone who walks through their doors or picks up a Grab & Go item - no matter how young that customer is! 

Merci beaucoup!
Addie Stofer


Q&A with Addie

Favorite childhood dinner?
For any special occasion, my mom always made us grilled flank steak, twice baked potatoes and a caesar salad. Now I do the same for my kids and it's their favorite!

PB&J or Turkey & Cheese?
Always PB&J. To this day I love spreading the PB&J on thick and sharing it with my kids.

Visit us at Vert Kitchen in Denver, CO or pick up Overt by Vert Kitchen Grab & Go at a Natural Grocers near you!

Vert inspiration: the farm, travels, and family.

Vert inspiration: the farm, travels, and family.

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