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What I'm Eating Now

What I'm Eating Now


I know it sounds crazy but after a long day working in the kitchen, I actually like to go home and cook.  It relaxes me and lets me zone out.  Andrew and I eat at home most nights of the week. We always try to eat as healthy as possible. 

We make a lot of vegan meals and are always trying new fad diet recipes: GF, paleo, raw, keto… you name it, we’ve tried it. Our home cooked meals focus a lot on nutrition and our health. Don’t get me wrong - I still use butter, cream and eggs - to me they’re a part of healthy eating too.

I like to cook the French way: keep a staple of basics in the pantry and fridge, and then shop for a few items, meat, fish, vegetables three to four times per week.  Our favorite recipes always seem to revolve around the season or the weather. Tonight at home we’re making a big pot of Miso Spring Chili, which is also on the Seasonal Menu at the restaurant right now.

I don't follow recipes to a T, and I don't write them in a way that expects you to either. I want you to trust your instincts and be inspired! This is more of a French style of home cooking - "au pif" - which loosely translates to "trust your gut." 

Miso Spring Chili
Gather & Prepare


Soak the beans over night or use cans if you want, just rinse them first. The base is sliced leeks and white onions with garlic, sautéed in vegetable oil with salt and pepper.  Add in two big tablespoons of miso paste, and toast for a few minutes. Put in a big handful of green beans or lima beans. Then add the white beans (½ pound dry, or 3 cans) and just cover with water and bring to a boil. Put the lid on the pot and cook the beans until they are tender, 1 to 2 hours. (For cans use less water and simmer uncovered for 20 minutes).  Season to taste with kosher salt.

Serve & Enjoy

Top with a warm edamame salad, with lemon zest and cilantro and a drizzle of Greek yogurt. Serve alongside a simple romaine heart salad with olive oil, lemon and parmesan. Using the leftovers typically involve a bowl of brown rice, a scoop of the miso chili, roasted asparagus or grilled steak, and a cilantro lime salad on top. I also just eat it cold for lunch, it's delicious! 

This recipe brings Spring alive for me, it warms me up but is light, vegan and healthy. 

Merci beaucoup!
Noah Stephens


Q&A with Noah

Favorite spring ingredient?
White asparagus. This is the only time of year you can get it fresh! I like to poach it in brown butter.

Favorite kitchen accessory?
My Boos Butcher Block (just don't put it in the dishwasher!).

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