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What I've Learned from Holiday Parties and Happy Hours Abroad

What I've Learned from Holiday Parties and Happy Hours Abroad


As many of you may know, much of my inspiration for the cuisine and experience of Vert came from my time abroad in Europe. One of the things that stood out to me the most was how happy hours are a big part of the culture, and one of the biggest things to look forward to before going out to eat.

Happy hours in Europe are always lively, with a cozy atmosphere where you’ll find standing room only and lots of people snacking on small plates of tapas and a few glasses of wine. It is truly a staple of European culture, which I have brought back with me to Vert.

Apres Vert, our take on happy hour at Vert, is truly a special occasion. Our guests stop in before a night out to dinner to enjoy a craft made cocktail, nice glass of wine, and maybe even a house-made tartine. It feels like you are truly stepping into a European happy hour.

Juan Carlos, our head chef, takes seasonal ingredients and creates unique and tasty tartines, which make the perfect appetizer before dinner. In addition to our high-quality food, we use superior quality liquors and organic ingredients to make our cocktails. We want our guests to feel as if it is a special occasion, even if it is a place to go after work, or before a big night out.

In addition to our staple happy hours, Vert is a unique and welcoming place to host a small holiday party. We have a friendly casual space that is transformed into a cozy tapas bar, which is perfect for a casual cocktail event for your work, family, or friends. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our customers, and we love seeing our regulars and new faces alike come through. Hosting holiday parties for our guests is icing on the cake.

So whether it is stopping in for happy hour cocktails and wine before a big night out, or allowing us to host your special holiday party, we’d love to have you anytime!

Merci beaucoup!
Noah Stephens

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Q&A with Noah

What is your #1 event hosting tip?
Make sure you're part of the party. If you can't make it ahead, don't make it.

How many people can Vert accommodate for my event?
Around 35. Just reach out if you're looking for more information!

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Vert inspiration: the farm, travels, and family.

Vert inspiration: the farm, travels, and family.